About Us

Pioneer of Quality and Innovation: Blow Mould Expert - Mova Mould

Mova Kalıp is a company specialised in the design and manufacture of plastic products industry, especially blow moulds, preform moulds and blow moulds. Since the day we were founded, we have based our leadership in the industry on quality, reliability and innovation.
Our Vision We, Mova Kalıp, aim to provide unique solutions to our customers by adopting the most advanced technology and excellence in the field of mould design and production. Based on customer satisfaction, adding value to the plastic product industry, setting industry standards and continuous improvement are the basis of our vision.

Our Services

Design and Production of Blow Moulds: We offer high-precision blow mould design and manufacturing services specific to customer needs. We use the latest technology to improve product quality and optimise production processes.

Preform Mould Solutions: Our team of experts in preform moulds, one of the indispensable elements of the plastic packaging industry, meets the demands of our customers by offering customised solutions.

Blowing Moulds Design and Production: By designing high-strength and precise blow moulds, we provide our customers with the opportunity to produce durable and aesthetic products.

Why Mova Mould?

Technological Leadership: Mova Mould provides competitive advantage to its customers by adopting the latest technology in the industry.

Customised Solutions: We make a difference with special design and production solutions tailored to customer needs.

Quality Assurance: High standards of production and quality control processes allow us to provide our customers with reliable and durable products.

Industry Experience: Our expert staff is constantly developing and updating to provide the most suitable solutions to customers by closely following the changes in the industry.

Mova Mould is a brand that adds value to the plastic product industry and keeps customer satisfaction at the forefront of everything. We continue to strengthen our position in the sector with our quality products, expert team and customer-oriented approach. Every customer who works with us experiences the combination of quality, trust and innovation.